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Family Dinner


 Sarah Cho


Nina Morrison


Workshop - Room 172

First Rehearsal

Jan. 26

Tech/Dress Reh.



Feb. 20-21

Roles to be Cast

Jane (28) - the firstborn and recently finished her dissertation on "god-knows-what' theory of nothing. She is the "sane" one but she has a mild case of obsessive compulsive disorder.

Anna (27) - the middle child. She is reckless and extremely messy. She always wants to please everybody even if it’s going to make her look bad. But if there is an opportunity to blame the oldest, she will do it.

Kirk (25) - He’s the youngest and tallest of the family. This is a mystery because everyone is 5’7 or shorter and he’s 6’2. He’s also very polite and thinks about others before he thinks about himself.

Mom (early 50s) - She has a favorite. She loves to victimize herself. She hates vegetables.

Grandma (70s) - The grandma everyone adores and loves. They put her first. She sometimes go head to head with Mom.

Grandpa Paul (70s) - The late husband of Grandma. He's dead.


  • Those cast in this show are eligible for The Performance Practicum Class (THTR:4695:0IND)


How can one possibly enjoy a nice wholesome dinner with their family if they all hate each other? Oh boy. That's not good.
"Family Dinner" is a dark comedy about Jane, a Phd student, who is trying so hard to finish her dissertation but her family is not impressed.
They never were. All she can do is keep trying and trying until finally... uh oh. Where'd she go? She's gone.
Don't worry. She's with "family"... whatever that means.... 

Holiday Conflicts 
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