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The Maids


Erica Vannon

PlaywrightJean Genet, in new translation by Benedict Andrews and Andrew Upton


Non-Mainstage Gallery in Theatre B

1st Rehearsal

Thursday, January 10


Feb 14-17

Roles to be Cast

Solange: Claire's older sister. A maid. 

Claire: Solange's younger sister. A maid. 

Madame: Mistress of the household. 


Solange and Claire, two housemaids, construct fantastic sadomasochistic rituals when their mistress (Madame) is away to transgress the power divide between Maid and Mistress. When Madame unexpectedly returns home one evening, the sisters are caught between the reality of their social positions and their desire for power and revenge. 

In a luxurious bedroom, two maids fantasize about killing their employer, playing out dangerous and sadistic scenarios as they plan her violent death. An intense psychological thriller, The Maids offers a vicious analysis of the class system and a provocative exploration of sexuality.

A contemporary adaptation of Jean Genet's masterpiece by Benedict Andrews and Andrew Upton. This contemporary adaptation by Benedict Andrews and Andrew Upton received its UK premiere at the Trafalgar Studios, London, in February 2016.


This production will contain explicit language. The actors playing the maids have moments of intimate touch and some stage violence. No nudity, but dressing and undressing onstage does occur. All intimacy and violence design will be discussed and choreographed according to actor comfort level.

Holiday Conflicts

1/13 - Maghi, 1/13 - Baptism of the Lord Jesus, 1/13 - Bodhi Day , 1/14 - Classes Begin , 1/15 - Makar Sankranti, 1/17 - Blessing of the Animals, 1/18 - Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, 1/19 - Timkat, 1/21 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Observed), 1/21-1/23 - Mahayana New Year, 1/25 - Conversion of St. Paul, 2/1-2/2 - Imbolc-Lughnasadh, 2/2 - Candlemas - Presentation of Christ in the Temple, 2/2 - Imbolc - Lughnassah *, 2/2 - Saint Brighid of Kildare, 2/2 - Groundhog Day , 2/3 - Superbowl , 2/3 - St. Blaze Day, 2/3 - Setsebun sai (beginning of spring), 2/3 - Four Chaplains Sunday, 2/5 - Chinese New Year (Year of the Pig), 2/8 - Nirvana Day/Parinirvana Day, 2/10 - Tu BiShavat *, 2/10 - Cheese Fare Sunday, 2/12 - Triodion, 2/14 - St. Valentine's Day,  2/15 - Nirvana Day/Parinirvana Day**, 2/17 - Triodian begins

* Holidays listed above notated with a star begin at sundown on the previous day.

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