Upcoming Wiki Changes

Important! There are changes coming to the Wiki. For information about these changes, as well as what options users have, please visit the Wiki Service Change Options and FAQs page.

If you have an ICON course site, you are able to connect a new or existing wiki site to your course on the ICON Dashboard.

1. Log into the ICON Dashboard

2. Click on Tools for Instructors next to the course site that you would like to link to a wiki site. Select Add a Wiki Site

3. You can choose to either Create a New Wiki Site or Link to an existing Wiki Site

Creating a wiki site: The Wiki Course Key is auto-filled with the OU number of your course site. The key is used in the wiki’s URL web address, so you can leave it or change it to something else short. Feel free to modify the Wiki Site Name to better match your course or the purpose of the wiki space. Click “Create and Link.”

Linking to an existing wiki site: You will see a list of all wiki sites that you have the ability to link to your course site. Choose one from the list and click “Link Selected Wiki to this Course.”

4. The wiki site has been linked. You can remove the site or add another. 

Any student who has not logged into wiki.uiowa.edu before will be synced with the wiki space classlist the next day after logging in for the first time.

Reference link: https://icon.uiowa.edu/help/instructors/dashboard/icon-wiki-integration/

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