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One of the great features of the wiki is the ability to collaborate with individuals outside of the university.  If a person does not have a HawkID, they can sign up for a guest account.  This account can then be given permissions to access and edit wiki spaces.

  1. To sign up for a guest account, visit the wiki dashboard (
  2. Select  the 'Sign Up' link in the upper navigation menu (next to the wiki search field).

  3. Complete the wiki account form and select the 'Sign up' button.

  4. You will be redirect to the wiki home page.  Notice that the 'Log in' and 'Sign Up' links have disappeared, replaced by the user menus.

  5. After a guest account has been created, it can be assigned permissions to wiki spaces just like a HawkID account.  To do so, view the tutorial on editing space permissions.
  6. The next time a guest user returns to the wiki, they will need to sign in by clicking the 'Log In' link in the upper navigation menu.


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