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Wiki Cloud Migration Deadline


On January 8th, 2024 the University of Iowa Wiki hosted at https://wiki.uiowa.edu will be shut down permanently. If you would like to continue using Confluence (Wiki) in the Cloud, you will need to request licenses by filling out this Workflow form if you haven't done so already.

For more information and other options for your content, please visit the Wiki Service Change Options and FAQs page. Your content from https://wiki.uiowa.edu will be available for migration upon request for two years (until 1/8/2026).

There are a number of ways to add an attachment to a wiki page, provided you have the right permissions.

When viewing the wiki page:

  1. Find one of the two 'Attachment' links:
    1. Select the three dots icon in the upper right of the page and choose Attachments, or

    2. Select the paperclip icon, located to the right of the Dashboard link

  2. On this page you can view any attachments that have been uploaded

  3. Add an attachment by selecting the Choose File button, or by dragging the file into the Drop files here to attach them area

  4. Once you have selected the file from your computer, you can add a comment to help others.

  5. Select the 'Attach' button to submit, or select Attach more files to repeat the process.

  6. Once you have attached a file, it will appear in the list and be highlighted in blue.

  7. If the same file is uploaded again, it will create another version of the file.  All versions can be seen by selecting the triangle to the left of the file name.

When editing the wiki page:

  1. Select the Plus icon from the editor menu, and choose Files and images.

  2.  In the popup box, we can choose a file that has been uploaded previously, or attach a new one by selecting Upload Files. Once you have selected the file from your computer, it will show in the list of files available.

  3. Choose the appropriate file, and select Insert.

  4. A preview screenshot will appear on the front page.  Clicking the picture will allow you to Preview or Download the file.

  5. Click Update to save your edits to the page.

  6. Your attachment is now uploaded and linked!


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