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Group Inquiry Project

Social Networking and Online Communities

By Kayla Weier & Casey Leonard




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  1. Nice visuals, I liked the font color changes. A lot of stats and facts, makes it seem very credible. Smooth and fluent sentences, easy and engaging for viewers to gain the information they would be seeking.

  2. Well done, seems very professional. Maybe only on the first page, you might have too many pictures, but I don't even know about that. This is extremely well done

  3. Great Layout of text and a lot of good pictures.  Only recommendation I would have is making some pictures smaller so that you don't have to scroll as far to get to the next set of information.

  4. I do like all your pictures, but perhaps make them a bit smaller. Overall well organized.  Can teachers use Facebook to keep parents informed of what their children are doing in their daily school activities?

  5. A lot of great information! I would just suggest making the pictures smaller on the front page or even having only one picture so that the links are easier to find.

  6. 5 stars. I really liked your project.Your page is very appealing: The information was well organized, colorful text, and your page contained a lot of images as well. Your presentation was perfect, you covered a lot of information, yet you explained it in few time.