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Find Page Layouts in the Editor Toolbar
  • Page Layouts are a great way of creating a common page structure. Click on the 'Page Layout' button in the editor toolbar to view a set of predefined layouts.
Apply a Layout to Your Page
  • Click on a layout to apply it to your page. Start adding content to each section and navigate between sections by pressing 'Tab'.
Change Your Layout at Anytime
  • Can't make up your mind? No sweat – change layouts as often as you like. Just select a new one from the editor tool bar.
Add Comments, Quickly
  • Commenting is now a whole lost faster. Whether you're adding a new comment or replying to an existing one watch the editor appear, instantly.
Give Content the Thumbs Up
  • Similar to Facebook, Confluence 'Likes' give pages, blogs, and comments your stamp of approval with a single click.
Drive What's 'Popular'
  • The combination of 'Comments' and 'Likes' drive what's 'Popular' in Confluence. Click next to find out more...
New 'Popular' Tab on the Dashboard
  • There's never been a better reason to visit the Confluence Dashboard. Check out the the 'Popular' tab to see what's trending, right now.
Recommended Reading in Your Inbox
  • Confluence knows you're busy, so to make sure you never miss another important conversation it will send you a weekly summary of what's most 'Popular'.
Daily or Weekly, You Decide
  • Hungry for more? Switch from 'Weekly' to 'Daily' summaries and never lose touch with what's most important at your company.
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