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Brand New Look
  • Built for the needs of every user, a new streamlined interface maximizes your editing space so you can create rich content with extraordinary speed and simplicity.
Autoformatting Magic
  • Type wiki markup and watch Confluence convert it on the fly. Formatted text, tables, symbols, emoticons – it all works.
Visual Macros
  • Editing and working with macros is now much easier. Just like images and links, now you can click a macro to perform common actions.
Advanced Table Editing
  • Insert new tables with drag-and-drop simplicity. Merge, split, highlight cells, and more.
Copy & Paste Images
  • Paste images from your clipboard directly into the editor when using Safari, Firefox, or Chrome.
Resize & Link Images
  • Enter a custom width for embedded images and link them to other content like pages, blogs, and external sites.
Notify Other Users
  • @mentions are a great way to notify other users about content and conversations they should be involved in. Best of all, they work just like Twitter and Facebook.
Receive Email Notifications
  • When you are mentioned you'll receive an email notification so you can jump right into Confluence and never miss another conversation again.
Works in Pages, Blogs, & Comments
  • Just type the '@' symbol and choose from a list of the users you follow, or start typing a user's name.
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