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New 'Share' Button
  • Tired of copying and pasting Confluence links into emails? The new Share button lets you quickly share any page or blog post with other users.
Autowatch Content
  • A new user setting allows automatic watching of any content you create, edit or comment on. Autowatch ensures you are always kept in the loop.
Flexible Email Notifications
  • Choose to receive email notifications for all new blog posts in a particular space. Stop watching content in a single-click from any email notification.
Extended Drag and Drop Support
  • Drag and Drop for attaching and embedding files now works in the latest versions of major browsers – Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Chrome.
Share Code Snippets
  • The Code Macro now supports over 20 languages including Ruby and Python. Display code with syntax highlighting, line numbers, and themes for styling.
Embed Audio & Video
  • The Multimedia Macro lets you embed audio and video files – Flash, MOV, MP3, and more – into pages and blogs for playback. Try embedding a video using Drag-and-Drop.
Create JIRA Issues
  • Quickly create new JIRA issues from the Confluence editor with the new 'Insert JIRA Issue' dialog – just type 'Control+Shift+J' to launch the dialog.
Insert JIRA Issues
  • You can also insert links to recently viewed issues or perform a search --simple or JQL – to find issues to embed in pages and blog posts.
Report on Issue Status
  • Embedded issues display key details including, 'Key', 'Type', 'Summary', and 'Status' making it quick and easy to generate ad-hoc reports.
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